We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest, most skilled and professionally in Apparel Buying House and manufacturers. We are exporter of Sweater, knitted, uniform & woven garments for Men’s, Ladies, and Children from Bangladesh. We are specialized for sweater in providing customized service to buyers with Sourcing, Merchandising, Quality Control, Product Development and assuring Compliance Issues of quality garments at our reasonable prices. Our quick feedback to our customers' needs and well maintained production schedules have earned us reputed customers in Europe…..USA. We also welcome customers from other parts of the world. We are always ready to accept challenge and meet that through our commitment and high quality garments as per our buyer requirements.

The success of our organization is the reflection of dedicated team work and proper delegation of authority with a clear mission and vision. With Such team synergy, we are experiencing tremendous growth in terms of Expanding the operational capacity and building up a strong marketing network all over the world. We also have a strong sourcing link so that we can deliver all kinds of produce with our expertise.


We know the marketing of any company or any product is not so easy, for marketing purpose most of the buyer’s demand several samples to show them to different clients, so we develop them with our existing suppliers according to the buyer’s requirements in timely manner. Other than that order related samples are always be there like approval sample, size set, sales samples (if need).

We can guarantee to manufacture the sample within 4 to 7 days.
1. Collecting customer’s requirement of fabric and style.
2. Identifying and selection of appropriate source.
3. Preliminary screening by inspection and testing.
4. Forwarding samples to the customers and receiving feedback.

Our huge networking in Bangladesh allows us to provide the cheapest price available in Bangladesh.
1. Receiving and verifying the quotations of suppliers by studying their suitability both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements.
2. Negotiation and finalization of price.

On receipt of orders based on above, discussing with suppliers on process planning, preparation of critical path by highlighting critical stages involved.

Monitoring the production is one of our main services to our clients because once the product cut wrong it will stitch wrong, so we do monitor every step deeply, from fabric, it’s dying, the shrinkage, the patterns, the cutting layers, bundling, distribution on the machines, general checking, washing, cropping, pressing, final checking, tags/stickers placements etc, packing in bags, master bags, cartons and it’s quality and marking etc., so nothing will be left which will make problem for our clients.

Meeting with Merchandiser, Quality Controller and Logistic staff will be held every Saturday and status will be e-mailed to customers on every Monday. This will enable all the customers to verify their order progress.

Our focused and well trained QA teams are working in every key check point of the manufacturing stages to attain the customers required quality standards. Starting from sample approval to the final production stages, our QCs are always monitoring and supervising the factory people. To achieve the stiff target of attaining the high standards, we allocate individual QA teams for individual clients, working around the clock in every factory we produce at.
These teams at the factories are centrally monitored and regulated by the QA department stationed at DR TEX head office on a daily basis. Consequently, our efficient quality control system has enabled us to meet the AQL standards set by the clients.
In order to better ourselves, we have developed a chain of procedures to ensure our required standards are met to maximize production and minimize wastage. And this also ensures on time shipment according to plan.
1. Understanding the customers’ quality requirements.
2. Organizing & training quality control department.
3. Ensuring proper flow of quality requirements to the QC department.
4. Ensuring proper flow of quality requirements to the Production Department. 5. Establishing quality plans, parameters, inspection systems, frequency, sampling techniques etc.
6. Inspection, testing, measurements as per plan.
7. Record deviations.
8. Feedback to Production Department.
9. Plan for further improvement.
We push ourselves to the limit to make sure that the chain of procedures mentioned above are followed every time for every order.

Arranging vessel for shipment with the forwarders and follow up shipment points for smoother connections. The above are some of the important activities we perform to provide a very effective service.

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DR TEX LTD, is an APPAREL BUYING HOUSE & Manufactures specialized in providing customized service to buyers with Sourcing, Merchandising, Quality Control,Product Development and assuring Compliance Issues for products manufactured for USA and EEC market. We are experiencing tremendous growth in terms of expanding the operational capacity and building up a strong marketing network all over USA,EEC and the Far East.

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Address: House-06(1st floor),Road no:22, Sector: 10, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.
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